June 19, 2017 – Market Update (Macron win a huge potential for France, Fed speakers, US groceries shaking up, extreme long specs in EUR – a fall to come?)

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Short recap


Asia up

Europe opening higher

China-Iran to conduct join naval practice in the Gulf

Iran firing over Syria

Trump doesn’t like Cuban salsa

Macron doesn’t need a coalition partner for important economic reforms

France has a huge potential if he delivers

PBOC made a huge CNY 110 bln OMO liquidity injection

Stating the declining liquidity after banks bought gov bonds (official statement)

Japan reported a surprise huge trade deficit on energy imports while exports made a fast jump on cars/steel

Fed’s Kaplan – Fed should be very cautious and patient in rising rates

Lots of speakers this week, let’s see whether others share the same hawkish view as Yellen does (check Data calendar below)

Macron, Schauble and now GE’s Zypries would welcome UK’s U-turn in Brexit




US groceries shaking on Amazon buying Whole Foods and Aldi entering the market

Is it going to end up for Wall-Mart as for Tesco in UK?

Do you like car makers? Watch for those with more exposure to China

As US auto sales to decline further on expiring leases pushing prices of used cars lower

Petrobras looking as an opportunity as it cuts debt but is still valued below industry average

Fiat-Chrysler exiting Japan?

Airbus upgraded its A380 to boost the sales




10-yr Trys yield at 2.16% – still holding close to recent lows but the break of 2.10% would be critical for USD

10-yr Bund yield at 0.28%


COT report as of last Tue (pre-FOMC/ECB):

EUR long specs at 79k vs 74k week before

Highest since 2007

But bear in mind that any extreme is reverted to the mean in some time

Are we going to expect the same long specs reduction as we had witnessed in 2011/2014 ?




Support at 1.1187 (23.6% Fibo) then 1.1120/30

Resistance 1.1284, 1.1295/1.1300

Breaking 1.1100 or 1.1300 would definitely see strong flows and follow through




Likely heavy going to 111.50

Resistance at 111.24 (50.0% Fibo), then 111.32 and 112.16 Ichimoku

100 DMA at 111.85

Support at 110.50 (61.8% Fibo) and 110.71(200 DMA)

Descending trendline around 111.00




USD consolidation on halt?

To watch the US 10-yr yields breaking 2.10% or not

Need better US data to push real yields higher, so risky assets keep rising and financial conditions tightening

Close to resistance at 97.62, then 97.85 (50.0% Fibo)

And descending trendline around 97.98

Support at 97.02 (10 DMA)




Still under pressure post-FOMC

Support at 100 DMA at 1248, 1245 (61.8% Fibo)

200 DMA at 1237 and 1234 (76.4% Fibo)

Resistance at 1255 (50.0%)




No relevant data today but watch speakers:


Brexit talks starting today at 0900 GMT

Barnier and Davis speaking at 1630 GMT


ECB’s Lautenschlager (0900 GMT)

Fed’s Dudley (1200 GMT)

ECB’s Nouy (1300 GMT)

ECB’s Weidmann (1500 GMT)

Fed’s Evans (2300 GMT)



Fed’s Fischer, Rosengren, Kaplan



Brexit – Queen’s speech 1030 GMT



EU Summit

Fed’s Powell



Fed’s Bullard, Mester, Powell



Should you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.


Good luck Champs!


Mr Hawk




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