Jan 11, 2018 – Market Update (Cryptos getting hit in SoKo, Chinese like Trys anyway, 10-yr Trys yields holds above 2.50% despite China/BoJ, USDJPY looking towards 110.00 ?, VIX above 10 but still very low, Bayer hoarding cash by selling more Covestro, Aramco seeking cheap loans ahead of IPO, PIMCO to buy more Trys on recent weakness, SNB with profit of USD 55 bln)

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Short recap

Asian in red as stocks getting nervous, VIX above 10

Europe opening lower

Cryptos – SoKo preparing a trading ban, tax authorities cracking on some exchanges

China – halt of Trys buying based on wrong info (I like it as some made a nice money..)

US attacking NAFTA, opting for more protectionism

While French Macron signing nice contracts in China



Volatility still remains low but that can change quickly

As markets may get nervous at current record levels

Will get more hints from Q4 earnings season kicking off

Earnings may be irrelevant to some extent and investors will be more interested in discussing:

US effective tax rates, CAPEX outlooks and buybacks/dividend payouts

…what about positioning ourselves in cash, gold and bonds without any equity link in 2018?

Bayer selling bigger stake in Covestro (EUR 1.5 bln) to hoard the cash

Intel may go short on security issues against its competitors

Aramco seeking cheap loans before IPO

Canada speeding up Basel rules implementation, likely this year

PIMCO may buys some US Trys on the recent weakness

Berkshire Hathaway moving higher on Buffett’s succession moves

By adding Abel, Jain to the board

SNB with USD 55 bln profit in 2017  link

From its USD 800 bln holdings of US/EU stocks, bonds and gold



10-yr Trys yield at 2.53% (printing high at 2.59% yesterday)

Surprisingly staying above 2.50% level despite China denouncing halt of Trys purchases

10-yr Bund yield at 0.47%

Spikes in US 2-yr and 5 yr yields were translated yesterday into 10-yr Trys/Bunds as well

Chinese slowdown or hald of Trys purchases and speculation about BoJ taper were the main triggers

Investors look at US inflation linked bonds as economic growth, rising oil and commodity prices

Are likely to spur inflation

BoJ keeps bond buying unchanged despite news from yesterday



Resistance at 1.1962 (23.6% Fibo), 1.1994 (10 DMA), offers sitting above 1.2000

Support at 1.1915, 1.1831 (10/50 DMA)

Source: Saxo Bank



111.71 (200 DMA) may act as a support for correction higher

112.00 again in sight but seller sitting here

Resistance at 111.89 (38.2% Fibo), 112.24 (100 DMA) and 112.37 (Ichimoku)

The potential rally should fade here as well

JP investors like US yields but unhappy with recent moves in JPY

Chinese Trys plans and BoJ potential tapering as themes fade away

BoJ hates volatility – likely to keep all under control as they proved with no change to JGB buying today

Interesting to see USDJPY not bouncing higher after China/BoJ today and higher Trys yields?

One may think that further JPY strength is to come…

Support at 111.02 (50.0% Fibo), then 111.26 and 110.83 (short specs may bail out here)

And we can see a dip to 110.14 (61.8% Fibo) with psychological 110.00 level next

Source: Saxo Bank



After consolidation on rising yields higher

As the news about China slowing down/halting Trys purchases and BoJ potential tapering (resulting in stronger JPY/weaker USD) pushed gold higher

Still feels support from stocks in red and rising physical demand from China

But need a correction before moving higher again

Support at 1314 (10 DMA), then 1300 and 1290 (100 DMA)

Resistance at 1321 (23.6% Fibo)

Source: Saxo Bank



Fed’s Dudley (2030 GMT)

Eurogroup president speaking about future of EZ (1630 GMT)

Jan 19 – US fiscal deadline

Jan 23-26 – Trump in Davos

Jan 23 – BoJ – any hints on potential taper?

Jan 25 – ECB

Jan 30 – US State of the Union

Jan 31 – FOMC

Feb 5 – Powell as Fed Chair

Feb 16 – Chinese New Year



Should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

Good luck Champs!

Mr Hawk




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