Jan 18, 2018 – Market Update (Apple with USD 38 bln tax bill, bringing home USD 250 bln; Renault-Nissan a king over Volkswagen; Goldman Sachs dropping bond trading?; GE still on short side; Junk bonds spreads at record lows, China/Japan getting rid of Trys – nothing new; USDRUB floor between 55.70-56.00; Brent having hard time to stay above USD 70 mark; Biggest Bitcoin mines in China)

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Short recap

Asia hitting record levels

Europe opening higher on bullish sentiment from US and Asia

China growing too fast with respect to economic and pollution standards

Trump fighting back China with intellectual property breaches (likely getting ready for Davos)

Loud calls for EZ reform with new fiscal rules (GE) and joint safe assets (FR)



Cyber security start-ups having hard time

As very crowded market is moving fast and facing criminal predators, competition is a tough job

Volkswagen produced 10.7 mln cars last year

But the crown goes to alliance of RenaultNissan though

Peugeot looking to come back to US market using know-how of Opel

Chinese interested in diabetes business from Johnson&Johnson (USD 3-4 bln)

Apple planning to open 2nd Campus in US that is a part of 5-yr USD 30 bln investment package

And also repatriate USD 250 bln of overseas cash, thus paying USD 38 bln of taxes

Looking to create 20k jobs in US, focussing on data centers for iCloud, AppStore and Apple Music



Goldman Sachs hit by a drop in bond trading

What makes question marks about keeping bond trading in current form

Or searching for new profit generating activities

Adjusted profit beat expectations but company is having harder time in trading than rivals

GE shares keep declining on USD 11 bln of charges and likelihood of a breakup

…already touched the GE story: Nov 15, 2017 – Story of the Week: Comparing old and new economy…General Electric and Tesla  link

Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon, IBM, AMEX reporting

New US corporate tax cut should help earnings to be revised higher



10-yr Trys yield at 2.59% vs 2.56% yesterday

10-yr Bund yield at 0.57% vs 0.55% yesterday

Not only China but also Japan is lowering their Trys holdings  link

Back in 2004/05 both China and Japan held 50% of all Trys held by foreigners

And now they do 36% only

Junk bonds – The Great Credit Dilemma: When to Quit After Historic Rally?  link

Corporate bonds too expensive to own, but too valuable to sell

Schroder, Aberdeen fund managers plot exit strategies



Rising oil makes Russian officials not comfortable with strong RUB

As we saw back in 2017, they are quite good at defending certain levels

Support at 56.20 and 55.72 (Apr 2017 low)

Resistance at 56.73 (10 DMA), 56.76 (Sep/Oct 2017 lows), 57.20 (23.6% Fibo)

USDRUB weekly

Source: Saxo Bank


Crude Oil

Supported by decline in private inventories in US

And attacks from rebels in Nigeria

EIA inventories and OPEC Monthly report out today

With speculations about another decline in oil stocks and substantial rise of shale production

Brent having difficulties to stay above USD 70 level

Support 69.06 (10 DMA), 68.19 (23.6% Fibo), 66.84 (38.2% Fibo), 64.91 (50 DMA)

To watch the 66.84 key level

Source: Saxo Bank


Support 63.15 (10 DMA), 62.75 (23.6% Fibo), 61.43 (38.2% Fibo), 58.77 (50 DMA)

Source: Saxo Bank


Bitcoin miners locations

…or where is the cheap electricity and smart people are…



ECB’s Weidmann (0800 GMT)

ECB’s Coeure (1430 GMT)

ECB’s Villeroy (1730 GMT)

Fed’ Mester (2305 GMT)

IMF’s Lagarde to speak today as well


Jan 19 – US fiscal deadline

Jan 23-26 – Trump in Davos with his crew

Will be interesting to see Macron/Merkel and the world

Against protectionism of Trump/US

Jan 23 – BoJ – any hints on potential taper?

Jan 25 – ECB

Jan 30 – US State of the Union

Trump to announce an infrastructure plan but is not clear who would build the infrastructure

Because of his anti-immigration policies

Jan 31 – FOMC

Feb 5 – Powell as Fed Chair

Feb 16 – Chinese New Year


Should you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

Good luck Champs!


Mr Hawk




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