Feb 9, 2018 – Market Update

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European equities seem to be in a quite and cautious mood today after yesterday’s red day. US futures are up a what gives additional comfort to the market is also the calm in FX. Bonds are getting slightly sold but yields are not moving very high.

It is an interesting situation when stocks got sold off heavily over the last two weeks but bonds and FX were not significantly impacted. In other words, there was no direct rotation out of stocks to bonds, what may be seen as a profit taking in stocks only as bonds barely moved.

Bond yields remain elevated but not spiking or moving rapidly higher. JPY is a proxy of safe heaven flows is offered today but seeing a bit of unrest in EM space. Let’s see what will come up with US open and where we close tonight.

At he moment, despite lots of cautious about another wave of algos and systematic investors selling to adjust to their portfolios based on risk/volatility inputs we see currently S&P 500 around 2600/10 level and DAX around 12 100/200 as good points to re-enter the market to benefit from FOMO flows that may eventually start even today.

But bear in mind to manage your risk appropriately also in the light of upcoming weekend, especially if we do not see the US stocks moving higher on FOMO flows. If that happens, we can also get ready for another Monday risk off sentiment behaviour as there is still lots of moving sitting in selling volatility related products.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

Good luck Champs!

Mr Hawk

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