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Oct 27, 2017 – Short recap after ECB (Trys yields up, Bund yields down, Draghi played dovish, EURUSD getting closer to important 1.1500, Are we going back to 1.0500/1.1500 range?, 1w RR favouring puts, USDJPY – spot lagging the move higher as the US yields steadily rise, Spot close to critical 115.00, 1w RR favouring further upside)

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  Short recap after ECB…   Bonds   10-yr Trys yield at 2.46% up from 2.43% yesterday 10-yr Bund yield at 0.42% down from 0.48% yesterday   EURUSD   Draghi played it well as the whole picture looks more dovish than rising rates environment eslewhere After yesterday’s move on spot 1w RR favouring puts s Spported by longs liquidation as well as Draghi doesn’t

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Oct 26, 2017 – Market Update (ECB day today but should they do anything?, Turkish CB in the spotlight too, EURUSD range 1.1660-1.1860/1.1900+, Airbus-Bombardier deal a China story?, Brazil yields up on elections risk, VIX to loo for too long – recall the Aug 2015 China blow…)

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  Short recap   Asia flat Europe opening flat China going for USD denominated bonds again (first issue from 2004) ECB day today – lots of uncertainties around QE cut back (low inflation, strong EUR vs growing economy) Still not clear whether ECB should do it today or not A Turkish Central Bank announcement important today As there are speculations about Germany (EU) to

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Oct 20, 2017 – Market Update (US Senate moving on budget, US jobless claims hitting multidecade low – positive on spending/GDP/inflation/USD, Catalonian bank run, S&P 500 tested the support around 2544/40, Earnings to set the tone for today’s trading, Schlumberger results important for correction in energy stocks)

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  Short recap   Asia up after some hesitation at the beginning Europe opening higher US Senate moving on 2018 budget, next step towards tax reform US jobless claims hitting multidecade low what means more people working, more money for spending As consumption is 60% of US GDP, we can see in the future higher GDP growth pressuring up inflation Merkel positive on Brexit

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Oct 16, 2017 – Market Update (May urgently in Brussels ahead of EU Summit, Austrian elections outcome a non event as no exit EU talk, ECB’s QE limit at 2.5 trln?, Aramco’s private shares sale instead of IPO, Volkswagen short of cobalt supplies, Tech to benefit from corporate spending but position adjustments imminent, USDJPY weekly – not great for bulls but DXY holding above lows may give a hand)

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  Short recap   Asia up Europe opening higher Governor of PBOC Zhou bullish on Chinese economy ahead of Congress Austria turning populist to far right but no exit EU talk To challenge Macron’s view of more Europe, tough on immigration…etc. Catalonia ready for talks with Spain but no mentioning of declaration of independence Iraqi military in control of Kurdish oil fields ECB’s QE limited at EUR

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Oct 12, 2017 – Market Update (FOMC Minutes – debated inflation, JPMorgan & Citigroup reporting, Goldman Sachs back to investment banking?, EURUSD above 1.1830, heading to 1.2000 but…, CZK on the horse, Gold – which way now?, Homework time for Catalonia until Monday)

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  Short recap   Asia up reaching 10 yr high Europe opening flat to lower Spain gave until Monday Catalonia to drop independence Otherwise will take over all powers over the autonomy region Oil inventories rising even though OPEC is cutting production FOMC Minutes – inflation debate intensified Some patience to assess inflation path warranted But others are looking at Dec hike Doves and Hawks at Fed  chart

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Oct 9, 2017 – Market Update (Quiet trading today unless…, Honeywell spinning off, Deutsche Borse working hard on moving euro clearing out of UK, JPM/Citi expecting lower trading revenues, BofA to benefit from cost cutting and expanding in retail, USDJPY – Peaking and may loose momentum as per daily chart/MACD)

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  Short recap   China in green after one week off Europe in red US/CA/JP markets closed on account of Columbus day/Thanksgiving/Health-Sports day US banks/Trys closed but stocks open NFPs good on earnings, the rest is a question of interpretation (hurricanes, steady jobs growth…etc.) But USD not taking any clues Should have quiet trading unless Catalonia declares independence Or Trump announces something out of

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Oct 6, 2017 – Market Update (Biz moving out making Catalonian politicians to think twice as Quebec is a nice example, NFPs & DXY – Good number Ok, bad number…because of hurricanes…as simple as that, EURUSD watching 1.1662 & 1.1615/05, USDJPY ready to test 113.25 & 113.37, Republicans moving on taxes, Fed warning of inflation/debt)

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  Short recap   Asia up, inspired by US stocks printing new highs on tax reform hopes EU opening higher Republicans moving on taxes, Fed warning of inflation and unsustainable debt IMF still supports accommodative policy from ECB, BoJ Italian CB asking ECB to soften bad-loan plans ECB to put legal restrictions on ICOs Bitcoin may fall to their jurisdiction anyway But ICOs is a more securities area than

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Oct 4, 2017 – Market Update (IBEX under pressure, China conspiracy theory, some US companies may revise down, Monsanto facing issues with new soybeans Xtend, Buffett likes Pilot Flying, New Fed Chair speculations riding USD and Trys yields, EURUSD – a new H&S formation?, Gold found strong support at 1268)

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  Short recap   Japan/Hong Kong up, China/SoKo closed Europe opening mixed UK heading towards hard Brexit on settlement bill dispute Likely to be much larger than UK politicians think But 2-yr transition period helps to remove pressure from GBP Higher USD causing USD funding issues A China Conspiracy Theory: “What If Beijing Is Behind The Entire Move?” SocGen Asks  link  

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Oct 2, 2017 – Market Update (Catalan 90% vote, Johnson-May old friends, DAX attacking 12 954 on weaker EUR, 10-yr Trys yield bullish close, Global equity funds enjoying the money in rally)

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  Short recap   Asian up Europe opening higher Catalonian 90% vote for independence Madrid and police not comfortable with it Declaration of independence likely to come in 48 hours   Boris Johnson sees Theresa May gone within the year (friends…) Boeing–Bombardier dispute a proof of UK-US Trump kind of preferential partnership Warsh the new Fed’s head after meeting with Trump Used to be a Fed gov (2006/11)

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Sep 25, 2017 – Market Update (Merkel heading to Jamaica style coalition, EUR to decline in no reforms, US corp tax rate to 20%, Moody’s downgraded UK and markets nothing…, Volatility extremely low despite hawkish Fed, SAP buying Gigya, JPMorgan picking Warsaw, Brent supported by HFs and rising spread to WTI)

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  Short recap   Asia lower on China Europe opening lower   Merkel winner but political scene more fragmented Both Merkel’s party and Socialists short of historical results Nationalist party with 13%, signal of complications Merkel-Macron need deal for Europe and EMU reform may be at risk If no signs of reforms, the EMU spreads may widen and EUR to decline

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