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How do Chinese bonds do amid trade war tensions?

Mr Hawk/ November 20, 2018/ Chart Of The Day, Charts Posts, Story Of The Week, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Chinese bonds – Just wondering what the trade war means for Chinese bonds as the 10-yr government bonds yield declined to 3.40% from 3.90% this year alone, while the 10-yr China Development Bank bonds yield slid to 3.80% from 4.80% since January. Do I have to question the higher US yield and safety status of Trys? Amid the turbulence in

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EURUSD (Intraday) – Are we going to find a support?

Mr Hawk/ November 12, 2018/ Chart Of The Day, Charts Posts, Weekly Charts, Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

…in relation to our view based on the weekly chart published a week ago (below article): A breakdown through an “ideal” double bottom formation and scenario 2 might be in play. The long weekend in US (market is open but lower liquidity expected) can present itself as a perfect envirnoment for a quick manipulation. Do you agree with us? Intraday

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A lesson from corporate bond space while 30-year US Trys rate is hitting the 4-year high

Mr Hawk/ November 2, 2018/ Story Of The Week, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

The US 30-year Trys rate touching 3.41% means printing a 4-yr high or a new high for the cycle. Lesson – historically if rates go up volatility goes up as well, thus creating a messy outlook for stocks, bonds and other asset clasees. But we still miss a significant move in bond markets despite recent correction in stocks or risk-on

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Why are stock markets down?

Mr Hawk/ October 29, 2018/ Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Because of raising bond yields, Fed hiking, US economy taking a pause after peaking, consumer debt at extreme levels, US-CN showing trade muscles, high valuations…whatever you name is correct. But there is something behind the scenes and it is called the uncertainty that Trump has brought with him. The tensions between US and China are real and markets has started

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June 12, 2018 – Commodity Weekly: Calm commodity markets ahead of Fed, OPEC

Mr Price Action/ June 13, 2018/ Charts, Charts Posts, Weekly Charts, Weekly Commodity, Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Commodity markets had a volatile week but currently they are rather calm ahead of key events, the FOMC reate decision today and the OPEC meeting next week. Crude is stable just above recent lows while yesterday API reported surprise built up in crude and even bigger rise in gasoline inventories.Corn reacted strongly on bullish Wasde data as market expected increase

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May 28, 2018 – Commodity Weekly: Corn turned south on crop progress, crude failed to break uptrend-line

Mr Price Action/ May 30, 2018/ Earnings Season/ 0 comments

Commodities continued to outperform last week except Energy sector, as OPEC and Russia were heard they may fill the gap left by Venezuela. As risk off mood spread into some Agri sectors more markets turned south. The strong dollar didn`t hurt the precious metals much, especially gold is holding well as uncertainty around the Italian government looms.  Good Luck and

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May 21, 2018 – Commodity Weekly: Commodity markets in bullish mode despite strenghtening dollar

Mr Price Action/ May 22, 2018/ Charts, Charts Posts, Weekly Charts, Weekly Commodity, Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Commodities had a pretty strong few days as the Brent driven oil rally helped to lift prices in most of the sectors. The strengthening dollar hit precious metals the most, but the selloff wasn’t particularly heavy. Extreme speculative positioning however represents significant threat of possible volatile corrections for many commodities. Oil The oil market was primarily driven by the withdrawal

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Apr 25, 2018 – Commodity Weekly: Energy and metals driven commodity rally seems to lose momentum

Mr Price Action/ April 25, 2018/ Earnings Season/ 0 comments

Commodity markets were driven last week by energy sector and industrial metals due to US sanctions on Russian interest (especially aluminium and nickel prices were pushed higher). However beginning of the week we could see weakening oil bulls and an intensive correction in some metals due to easing pressure from US on Mr. Deripaska’s Rusal, the second biggest aluminium producer

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Apr 17, 2018 – Commodity Weekly – Crude rallied on Syria despite increased US inventories, sugar depressed further, grains helped by cold weather

Mr Price Action/ April 17, 2018/ Weekly Charts, Weekly Commodity, Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Commodities were pushed higher last week by weaker dollar and geopolitical tension, namely US-Russian as the most significant. However the grain sector was supported weather factors, especially in the US mid-west. Sugar prices were further depressed by bigger than expected Thai crop despite speculators trimmed some shorts on profit taking. Crude Oil The recent US attacks on Syrian chemical weapon

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