We at Land of Trading believe in a fair and balanced relationship between all market participants. Over the years we have learnt that only educated, consistant traders with strong discipline, proper trading plan and risk/money management in place, can benefit from markets.

With the ever stricter compliance and regulation requirements coming to life every day we are here to fill the gap in the brokerage industry where firms often lack resources or struggle to hire the talent in the field of client education.

Based on our experience we know that average retail client lacks the necessary skills and knowledge about financial markets, the nature of trading and investing, usually does not pay proper attention to risk and money management. This creates a space where we can help financial companies to create educational programs for their clients and their own staff. Our approach includes live trading rooms and webinars, educational seminars or on spot trading. We also create recorded versions of these events if requested.

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Education for end clients
Education and ongoing training for internal employees


As every institutional client business is different in nature you are welcome to contact us for more detailed information or discussion about a tailored-made solution fitting your needs.