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Feb 6, 2018 – Market Update (No recession short-term, healthy correction done, no global contagion, so let’s hunt for bargains; One Fed hike is priced off; Watch today for Trys yields, JPY crosses, VIX; New turning points for VIX at 22 & 30; XIV a problem for Credit Suisse; BNSF Railway (part of Berkshire) joining Blockchain in Transport Alliance; Hedging by book: long gold, JPY, 10- and 30-yr Trys; The panic is over, moving to the last leg up of 2009 bull run; German coalition talks well covered blockchain)

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  Short recap   Asia in red Europe opening lower US Congress to vote on government funding German coalition talks well covered blockchain technology to make Germany a fintech hub Draghi not ok with EUR volatility due to potential inflation miss Kuroda – no near-term hikes   Question – what now?   Honestly, I am not sure either… …as Janet is celebrating and Powell not being

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Feb 2, 2018 – Market Update (NFPs day but a high bar for USD to rise, Trys rising but where is the USD?, Rising yields challenging stocks (dividend/higher financing), Strong EUR to weight on EU stocks soon, Italy in or out?, eBay dumping PayPal and going for Adyen, Insurers to sell cryptos theft protection)

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  Short recap   Asia lower Europe opening mixed Strong EUR to weigh on EU stocks soon 10-yr Trys yield above 2.75% putting pressure on stocks As dividend yield is not as attractive as before and cost of financing for companies is getting higher With recent rise in US yields, economic numbers and improving earnings season Are we going to

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Jan 25, 2018 – Market Update (Trump up, Mnuchin down but market is concerned about who will buy US debt; ECB – just up is a problem but Draghi likely not to say anything again); EURUSD set to check 1.2500; Weaker USD good for equities; Gold – make or brake the 1380, then 1484…?; BofA with most blockchain patents; Qualcomm fined USD 1.2 bln by EU; Mexican drug cartels stealing fuel)

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  Short recap Asia mixed to lower Europe opening lower Trump a year ago – USD strength means confidence in US and his presidency Mnuchin yesterday – USD weakness good for US economy …and market took it as a future direction of US policy In other words the US trade war has begun and weak USD is part of it Market is concerned about widening current

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Jan 18, 2018 – Market Update (Apple with USD 38 bln tax bill, bringing home USD 250 bln; Renault-Nissan a king over Volkswagen; Goldman Sachs dropping bond trading?; GE still on short side; Junk bonds spreads at record lows, China/Japan getting rid of Trys – nothing new; USDRUB floor between 55.70-56.00; Brent having hard time to stay above USD 70 mark; Biggest Bitcoin mines in China)

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  Short recap Asia hitting record levels Europe opening higher on bullish sentiment from US and Asia China growing too fast with respect to economic and pollution standards Trump fighting back China with intellectual property breaches (likely getting ready for Davos) Loud calls for EZ reform with new fiscal rules (GE) and joint safe assets (FR)   Equities Cyber security start-ups having hard time

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Jan 15, 2018 – Market Update (USD hit by non-US monetary tightening, No Bitcoin ETFs/mutual funds (for now), Bulls at extreme levels, SoftBank to list mobile biz, EUR longs up again, EURUSD to consolidate today, Gold to attack 2017 high at 1357, facing 1357-1375 range resistance)

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  Short recap Asia in green Europe opening higher Trumps racist comments are dangerous in general And can also change the behaviour of the public Thus hurting the consumption habits, investments and economy FR and GE looking at EZ investment budget/reforms USD hit by markets pricing monetary policy tightening in other developed countries Bitcoin ETF Fast Track Derailed by SEC Liquidity, Safety Worries  link Applications for 12 ETFs and

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Dec 5, 2017 – Market Update (Brexit and US tax bill market movers, EU to review US tax bill and its implications, S&P 500 & DAX – what’s next?, Apple to start to paying back taxes to Ireland in Q1 2018 (EUR 13 bln), Toll Brothers facing lack of skilled labour – an issue for home builders across US)

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  Short recap Asia took a break Europe opening flat to slightly up US tax bill refining continues as the bill moves from Senate to the House before it lands on Trump’s table Many have changed the wording from tax reform bill to tax bill AMT getting challenged as many companies may loose the tax break and pay the 20% alternative

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Nov 29, 2017 – Market Update (OPEC day but will Russia, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria join? Preliminary Brexit bill EUR 50 bln, Gold attacking 1300 but…, EU to freeze funding for tax heavens, to prepare new black/grey lists, Softbank looking to buy Uber shares at 30% discount, Bitcoin a threat to global economy?)

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  Short recap Asia in green Europe opening higher OPEC day today with not only oil but energy stocks in focus NoKo threating with new missile test again But no reaction from the markets (a sign that conflict escalation is low for the time being) Powell with dovish tilt, no change to rate path HFs having hard time to earn money from bond and

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Nov 8, 2017 – Market Update (EURUSD – H&S almost done, US yields not supporting further USD strength – a correction coming?, Oil – China demand lower on pollution cuts, Gold stuck in 1263-1282 range, ECB Governing Council meeting – watch the comments as more hawks on the Board, Apple – EU asked for more details about tax structure, Bitcoin an asset class?)

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    Short recap   Asia up Europe opening lower Trump in China to ask for China cutting financial ties with NoKo US-Chinese companies signed USD 9 bln deals USD impacted by headwinds/slowdown related to tax reform (implementation in 2019) As the tax cuts will spike the budget deficit and will have only temporary effect on the economy (according to Fitch) Brexit –

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Oct 6, 2017 – Market Update (Biz moving out making Catalonian politicians to think twice as Quebec is a nice example, NFPs & DXY – Good number Ok, bad number…because of hurricanes…as simple as that, EURUSD watching 1.1662 & 1.1615/05, USDJPY ready to test 113.25 & 113.37, Republicans moving on taxes, Fed warning of inflation/debt)

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  Short recap   Asia up, inspired by US stocks printing new highs on tax reform hopes EU opening higher Republicans moving on taxes, Fed warning of inflation and unsustainable debt IMF still supports accommodative policy from ECB, BoJ Italian CB asking ECB to soften bad-loan plans ECB to put legal restrictions on ICOs Bitcoin may fall to their jurisdiction anyway But ICOs is a more securities area than

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Oct 4, 2017 – Market Update (IBEX under pressure, China conspiracy theory, some US companies may revise down, Monsanto facing issues with new soybeans Xtend, Buffett likes Pilot Flying, New Fed Chair speculations riding USD and Trys yields, EURUSD – a new H&S formation?, Gold found strong support at 1268)

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  Short recap   Japan/Hong Kong up, China/SoKo closed Europe opening mixed UK heading towards hard Brexit on settlement bill dispute Likely to be much larger than UK politicians think But 2-yr transition period helps to remove pressure from GBP Higher USD causing USD funding issues A China Conspiracy Theory: “What If Beijing Is Behind The Entire Move?” SocGen Asks  link  

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