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Why are stock markets down?

Mr Hawk/ October 29, 2018/ Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Because of raising bond yields, Fed hiking, US economy taking a pause after peaking, consumer debt at extreme levels, US-CN showing trade muscles, high valuations…whatever you name is correct. But there is something behind the scenes and it is called the uncertainty that Trump has brought with him. The tensions between US and China are real and markets has started

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Jan 25, 2018 – Market Update (Trump up, Mnuchin down but market is concerned about who will buy US debt; ECB – just up is a problem but Draghi likely not to say anything again); EURUSD set to check 1.2500; Weaker USD good for equities; Gold – make or brake the 1380, then 1484…?; BofA with most blockchain patents; Qualcomm fined USD 1.2 bln by EU; Mexican drug cartels stealing fuel)

Mr Price Action/ January 25, 2018/ Market Update, Market Update Posts/ 0 comments

  Short recap Asia mixed to lower Europe opening lower Trump a year ago – USD strength means confidence in US and his presidency Mnuchin yesterday – USD weakness good for US economy …and market took it as a future direction of US policy In other words the US trade war has begun and weak USD is part of it Market is concerned about widening current

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Jan 11, 2018 – Market Update (Cryptos getting hit in SoKo, Chinese like Trys anyway, 10-yr Trys yields holds above 2.50% despite China/BoJ, USDJPY looking towards 110.00 ?, VIX above 10 but still very low, Bayer hoarding cash by selling more Covestro, Aramco seeking cheap loans ahead of IPO, PIMCO to buy more Trys on recent weakness, SNB with profit of USD 55 bln)

Mr Price Action/ January 11, 2018/ Market Update, Market Update Posts/ 0 comments

Short recap Asian in red as stocks getting nervous, VIX above 10 Europe opening lower Cryptos – SoKo preparing a trading ban, tax authorities cracking on some exchanges China – halt of Trys buying based on wrong info (I like it as some made a nice money..) US attacking NAFTA, opting for more protectionism While French Macron signing nice contracts in China   Equities Volatility still remains low but that can change

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Nov 24, 2017 – Market Update (Quiet unless…, Chinese stocks steady after two day selloff, Saudis opening local stock market for small foreign funds, May in Brussels at Brexit grilling party, Ireland to veto border but government may collapse first, Flying lifts from Thyssenkrupp, USDJPY through 111.00 towards 110.00 or back to 112.50?, GBPUSD hitting the resistance at 1.3335)

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  Short recap Asian with wake up call from China Europe opening flat to higher FOMC and ECB Minutes left the market without any illusions Fed likely to be more dovish, ECB still on split over QE end Germany – Socialists under strong pressure to form government France – US corporates like Macron story, likely to increase investments in FR Brexit – May meeting Tusk in

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Nov 10, 2017 – Market Update (US tax reform question mark, China to open financial markets/allow investments in companies, Trump with a promise of USD 250 bln deals with China, Brexit – Norther Ireland part of EU single market?, Cameco’s 10% production cut a new bullish trend in uranium?, Monsanto not linked to cancer, 10-yr Bund yields saw a significant jump, DXY to close around key levels, Brent above key 62.00, than 60.00 USD/bbl)

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  Short recap   Asia in red Europe opening lower US tax reform – a potential delay in corporate tax rate cut to 2019 pushed stocks in US and Asian lower Trump sees current account deficit with China not acceptable, happy with deals worth of USD 250 bln But overall friendly remarks on both sides China to open financial markets and allow foreign investments

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Nov 8, 2017 – Market Update (EURUSD – H&S almost done, US yields not supporting further USD strength – a correction coming?, Oil – China demand lower on pollution cuts, Gold stuck in 1263-1282 range, ECB Governing Council meeting – watch the comments as more hawks on the Board, Apple – EU asked for more details about tax structure, Bitcoin an asset class?)

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    Short recap   Asia up Europe opening lower Trump in China to ask for China cutting financial ties with NoKo US-Chinese companies signed USD 9 bln deals USD impacted by headwinds/slowdown related to tax reform (implementation in 2019) As the tax cuts will spike the budget deficit and will have only temporary effect on the economy (according to Fitch) Brexit –

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Oct 4, 2017 – Market Update (IBEX under pressure, China conspiracy theory, some US companies may revise down, Monsanto facing issues with new soybeans Xtend, Buffett likes Pilot Flying, New Fed Chair speculations riding USD and Trys yields, EURUSD – a new H&S formation?, Gold found strong support at 1268)

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  Short recap   Japan/Hong Kong up, China/SoKo closed Europe opening mixed UK heading towards hard Brexit on settlement bill dispute Likely to be much larger than UK politicians think But 2-yr transition period helps to remove pressure from GBP Higher USD causing USD funding issues A China Conspiracy Theory: “What If Beijing Is Behind The Entire Move?” SocGen Asks  link  

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Sep 22, 2017 – Market Update (China downgrade on still fast credit growth, NoKo a new H-bomb test while Kim is in NY, Stronger EUR weighting on DAX, Apple under pressure – a new target at 142?, May’s perfect time of Brexit speech at 1900 GMT, Germany voting on Sunday, Gold at 1295 – which way?)

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  Short recap   Asia in red on NoKo and S&P downgrade of China (outlook stable) and Hong Kong (outlook negative). S&P not comfortable with Chinese still strong credit growth Europe opening lower Speculation that NoKo will test powerful hydrogen bomb in Pacific PBOC asked Chinese banks to stop cooperating with NoKo   Equities   Lufthansa to absorb largest part of AirBerlin’s assets While easyJet should get some too Stronger EUR weighting on DAX 12 500 to

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Sept 12, 2017 – Market Update (Risk off on NoKo, Irma, higher bond yields, change in CNY policy, Cryptos banned but PBOC supporting blockchain, Regulation to come, Samsung cheering over Note 8, Apple’s new iPhone 8 with USD 1000 price tag?, Gold prone to correct to 1300 if no risks off, Japanese stocks ok as long as USDJPY above 108.00)

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  Short recap   Asia printing 10-yr highs Europe opening higher Jump in bond yields supporting risk on China likely to change policy in order to avoid quick appreciation of CNY New milder sanctions against NoKo approved by UN No NoKo reaction yet, markets relieved a bit Brexit repeal vote approved, a huge relief for May Some ECB officials pretty hawkish yesterday but no policy change indication

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Aug 1, 2017 – Market Update (Can Trump hit rock bottom? Weidmann – EZ needs a reform, Chinese Anbang Insurance Group to sell overseas assets & bring cash home, Europe experiencing the strongest earnings season since 2017, EURUSD above 1.1785 (200 WMA))

Mr Price Action/ August 1, 2017/ Market Update, Market Update Posts/ 0 comments

  Short recap   Asia slightly up Europe opening higher Can Trump hit rock bottom?       Trump looking at executive action on healthcare North Korea can hit most of US ECB’s Weidmann – EZ needs a reform Oil popped over USD 50 on high fuel demand and HF short covering While supply still high   Equities   Shell putting a financial hand in solar firm Sunseap Group BNP Paribas interested

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