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DAX (Weekly) – Towards 5000 but is it possible?

Mr Hawk/ January 4, 2019/ Chart Of The Day, Charts Posts, Trade Idea, Trade Ideas Posts, Weekly Charts/ 0 comments

We are done with small H&S formation but what about the “Monster” one? For now we may see some continuation to the downside towards 9500/9000 followed with some kind of bounce/rally. And that might be the rally that will create the right shoulder. Bear in mind that we are looking at weekly chart, so it is going to take some

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Mar 8, 2018 – Market Update (ECB bit hawkish, tomorrow’s US NFPs’ earnings bit weaker can push EURUSD above 1.2500; EURUSD weekly – a funny joke 1998-2000; Fed- 5 hikes in 2018?; S&P 500 still a bit rich but reasonably attractive; USD and US deficit correlating as before dot.com bubble; USD decline impacting reserve currency status; Aramco IPO going against OPEC?)

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  Short recap Asia in green after strong US session yesterday On Trump softer on tariffs – but do not get mislead by risk on mood Europe opening flat to higher   ECB today likely to confirm a gradual shift But still not major change in wording Draghi to talk down any hawkish views despite strong EZ economy   Fed 4 hikes warranted, eventually

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Feb 9, 2018 – Market Update

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  European equities seem to be in a quite and cautious mood today after yesterday’s red day. US futures are up a what gives additional comfort to the market is also the calm in FX. Bonds are getting slightly sold but yields are not moving very high. It is an interesting situation when stocks got sold off heavily over the

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Feb 6, 2018 – Market Update (No recession short-term, healthy correction done, no global contagion, so let’s hunt for bargains; One Fed hike is priced off; Watch today for Trys yields, JPY crosses, VIX; New turning points for VIX at 22 & 30; XIV a problem for Credit Suisse; BNSF Railway (part of Berkshire) joining Blockchain in Transport Alliance; Hedging by book: long gold, JPY, 10- and 30-yr Trys; The panic is over, moving to the last leg up of 2009 bull run; German coalition talks well covered blockchain)

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  Short recap   Asia in red Europe opening lower US Congress to vote on government funding German coalition talks well covered blockchain technology to make Germany a fintech hub Draghi not ok with EUR volatility due to potential inflation miss Kuroda – no near-term hikes   Question – what now?   Honestly, I am not sure either… …as Janet is celebrating and Powell not being

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Dec 5, 2017 – Market Update (Brexit and US tax bill market movers, EU to review US tax bill and its implications, S&P 500 & DAX – what’s next?, Apple to start to paying back taxes to Ireland in Q1 2018 (EUR 13 bln), Toll Brothers facing lack of skilled labour – an issue for home builders across US)

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  Short recap Asia took a break Europe opening flat to slightly up US tax bill refining continues as the bill moves from Senate to the House before it lands on Trump’s table Many have changed the wording from tax reform bill to tax bill AMT getting challenged as many companies may loose the tax break and pay the 20% alternative

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Oct 2, 2017 – Market Update (Catalan 90% vote, Johnson-May old friends, DAX attacking 12 954 on weaker EUR, 10-yr Trys yield bullish close, Global equity funds enjoying the money in rally)

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  Short recap   Asian up Europe opening higher Catalonian 90% vote for independence Madrid and police not comfortable with it Declaration of independence likely to come in 48 hours   Boris Johnson sees Theresa May gone within the year (friends…) Boeing–Bombardier dispute a proof of UK-US Trump kind of preferential partnership Warsh the new Fed’s head after meeting with Trump Used to be a Fed gov (2006/11)

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Sep 22, 2017 – Market Update (China downgrade on still fast credit growth, NoKo a new H-bomb test while Kim is in NY, Stronger EUR weighting on DAX, Apple under pressure – a new target at 142?, May’s perfect time of Brexit speech at 1900 GMT, Germany voting on Sunday, Gold at 1295 – which way?)

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  Short recap   Asia in red on NoKo and S&P downgrade of China (outlook stable) and Hong Kong (outlook negative). S&P not comfortable with Chinese still strong credit growth Europe opening lower Speculation that NoKo will test powerful hydrogen bomb in Pacific PBOC asked Chinese banks to stop cooperating with NoKo   Equities   Lufthansa to absorb largest part of AirBerlin’s assets While easyJet should get some too Stronger EUR weighting on DAX 12 500 to

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Sep 14, 2017 – Market Update (Trump maturing, ECB not in a rush to hike, DAX at crucial 12 500, Back to Trump trade?, EURUSD at support zone 1.1 870/80, Amazon.com to sell sombreros, Munich Re hit by hurricanes, Oracle in the cloud)

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  Short recap   Asian down on weaker Chinese data Europe opening mixed Trump getting more experienced (less tweeting) And starting meeting people (like Rep/Dem leaders) to move things forward ECB to keep a steady hand on easy policy as inflation stays very low Chinese steel mills production reaching record highs Bitcoin on a weak foot after JPMorgan’s Dimon fraud comment Historically, it is

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May 5, 2017 – Market Update

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  Short recap   Asia lower on commodities losing the ground on worries about the global growth Europe opening lower DAX printing new historical high Praet pushed EURUSD higher with ECB guidance shift to focus on data House approved new healthcare bill Now it is heading to Senate where it will face a strong opposition EZ to grant a relief

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Apr 24, 2017 – (Chart of the Day) DAX – What next for bears ?

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Hi,today German Index DAX as our Chart of the Day:  Join Us:FREE LIVE TRADING ROOM – click here Most probably every bear around was dreaming about possible H&S formation ( blue on the chart below ) before market has open today. Unfortunately, right after the open ( and for the whole trading day ) the same bears were in rush to cover their shorts

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