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Nov 10, 2017 – Market Update (US tax reform question mark, China to open financial markets/allow investments in companies, Trump with a promise of USD 250 bln deals with China, Brexit – Norther Ireland part of EU single market?, Cameco’s 10% production cut a new bullish trend in uranium?, Monsanto not linked to cancer, 10-yr Bund yields saw a significant jump, DXY to close around key levels, Brent above key 62.00, than 60.00 USD/bbl)

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  Short recap   Asia in red Europe opening lower US tax reform – a potential delay in corporate tax rate cut to 2019 pushed stocks in US and Asian lower Trump sees current account deficit with China not acceptable, happy with deals worth of USD 250 bln But overall friendly remarks on both sides China to open financial markets and allow foreign investments

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Oct 20, 2017 – Market Update (US Senate moving on budget, US jobless claims hitting multidecade low – positive on spending/GDP/inflation/USD, Catalonian bank run, S&P 500 tested the support around 2544/40, Earnings to set the tone for today’s trading, Schlumberger results important for correction in energy stocks)

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  Short recap   Asia up after some hesitation at the beginning Europe opening higher US Senate moving on 2018 budget, next step towards tax reform US jobless claims hitting multidecade low what means more people working, more money for spending As consumption is 60% of US GDP, we can see in the future higher GDP growth pressuring up inflation Merkel positive on Brexit

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Oct 6, 2017 – Market Update (Biz moving out making Catalonian politicians to think twice as Quebec is a nice example, NFPs & DXY – Good number Ok, bad number…because of hurricanes…as simple as that, EURUSD watching 1.1662 & 1.1615/05, USDJPY ready to test 113.25 & 113.37, Republicans moving on taxes, Fed warning of inflation/debt)

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  Short recap   Asia up, inspired by US stocks printing new highs on tax reform hopes EU opening higher Republicans moving on taxes, Fed warning of inflation and unsustainable debt IMF still supports accommodative policy from ECB, BoJ Italian CB asking ECB to soften bad-loan plans ECB to put legal restrictions on ICOs Bitcoin may fall to their jurisdiction anyway But ICOs is a more securities area than

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Sep 22, 2017 – Market Update (China downgrade on still fast credit growth, NoKo a new H-bomb test while Kim is in NY, Stronger EUR weighting on DAX, Apple under pressure – a new target at 142?, May’s perfect time of Brexit speech at 1900 GMT, Germany voting on Sunday, Gold at 1295 – which way?)

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  Short recap   Asia in red on NoKo and S&P downgrade of China (outlook stable) and Hong Kong (outlook negative). S&P not comfortable with Chinese still strong credit growth Europe opening lower Speculation that NoKo will test powerful hydrogen bomb in Pacific PBOC asked Chinese banks to stop cooperating with NoKo   Equities   Lufthansa to absorb largest part of AirBerlin’s assets While easyJet should get some too Stronger EUR weighting on DAX 12 500 to

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Sep 14, 2017 – Market Update (Trump maturing, ECB not in a rush to hike, DAX at crucial 12 500, Back to Trump trade?, EURUSD at support zone 1.1 870/80, Amazon.com to sell sombreros, Munich Re hit by hurricanes, Oracle in the cloud)

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  Short recap   Asian down on weaker Chinese data Europe opening mixed Trump getting more experienced (less tweeting) And starting meeting people (like Rep/Dem leaders) to move things forward ECB to keep a steady hand on easy policy as inflation stays very low Chinese steel mills production reaching record highs Bitcoin on a weak foot after JPMorgan’s Dimon fraud comment Historically, it is

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Sept 12, 2017 – Market Update (Risk off on NoKo, Irma, higher bond yields, change in CNY policy, Cryptos banned but PBOC supporting blockchain, Regulation to come, Samsung cheering over Note 8, Apple’s new iPhone 8 with USD 1000 price tag?, Gold prone to correct to 1300 if no risks off, Japanese stocks ok as long as USDJPY above 108.00)

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  Short recap   Asia printing 10-yr highs Europe opening higher Jump in bond yields supporting risk on China likely to change policy in order to avoid quick appreciation of CNY New milder sanctions against NoKo approved by UN No NoKo reaction yet, markets relieved a bit Brexit repeal vote approved, a huge relief for May Some ECB officials pretty hawkish yesterday but no policy change indication

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Sep 8, 2017 – Market Update (North Korea/Irma – unhedged over the weekend?, Dovish Draghi but no indications, 10-yr Trys yield dipping below may bring more declines, EURUSD – 1.2000 a fair value, 1.2100 to hurt sentiment and DAX, Platina to catch up Gold rally, WTI at USD 55 unsustainable, BMW taking e-cars seriously, Amazon in a need of 2nd US HQ)

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  Short recap   Asia in red Europe opening lower ECB kept its policy unchanged Draghi stayed dovish, has not offered any clear indication on what’s next Despite strong EUR pushing inflation lower and economy doing well Ifo head warning of next EZ crisis Market keeps testing upside in EURUSD North Korea (important public holiday 9.9. may be topped by another missile test) and Irma risks present – going unhedged to the

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Aug 7, 2017 – Market Update (DXY up from strong support, EURUSD correction shallow to 1.1700/1650, A look towards 1.2000 still on the cards, World CBs to reassess how aggressively hawkish they are, S&P sees Fed on hold ,3 hikes in 2018, Iron ore up 5.5% on China continuous stock piling, US stock options – already positioning for increased volatility, Glencore looking to buy into Rio Tinto’s assets, UBS private banking with USD 2 trln of AUM)

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  Short recap   Asia in green Europe opening higher New sanctions against North Korea (supported by China/Russia as well) UK ready to pay EUR 40 bln Brexit bill S&P sees Fed on hold this year with 3 hikes in 2018 OPEC/Non-OPEC meeting today/tomorrow Iron ore up 5.5% on China continuous stock piling   Equities   Glencore stretching muscles and increasing offer (USD 2.7 bln) for Rio

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Aug 4, 2017 – Market Update (NFPs 183k/Earnings 0.3% expected, US yields reaction to NFPs crucial for USD, USDJPY, Gold, EURUSD above 1.1876 but below 1.1900, Siemens to build wind power plant in Turkey, Goldman Sachs buying USD 10 bln of Aramco’s credit facility, Tesla – market betting heavily on Model 3 success, Trump productivity stats)

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  Short recap   Asian slightly higher Europe opening lower Russian case moving with subpoenas issued for Trump’s son and his son-in-law A new India-China stand off in Himalaya? Toronto home sales down 40% y/y, 4th month of decline Average purchase price is CAD 746k vs CAD 920k in April Trump should speak on actions against China but the speech may be cancelled Trump – productivity stats: In the office

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Aug 2, 2017 – Market Update (DXY close to strong support area 92.64, 200 WMA & 91.88, BoJ keeping powerful QE, Iron ore down 1.8%, Plenty of USD liquidity supporting risk assets, Drop in US car sales to hurt, One Apple a day…, Tesla on stage today, Banks not happy with low volatility, Venezuela bonds struggling)

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  Short recap   Asia in green as techs were inspired by Apple’s earnings Europe opening higher1 BoJ on a halfway to 2% inflation, must keep powerful QE in place Structural reforms needed to boost inflation Trump to address some China trade practices Iron ore down 1.8% after three day rally (seems not sustainable) and reaching USD 70 per tonne As it was on

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