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Why are stock markets down?

Mr Hawk/ October 29, 2018/ Weekly Notes, Weekly Notes Posts/ 0 comments

Because of raising bond yields, Fed hiking, US economy taking a pause after peaking, consumer debt at extreme levels, US-CN showing trade muscles, high valuations…whatever you name is correct. But there is something behind the scenes and it is called the uncertainty that Trump has brought with him. The tensions between US and China are real and markets has started

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Apr 28, 2017 – Market Update

Mr Price Action/ April 28, 2017/ Market Update, Market Update Posts/ 0 comments

  Short recap   Asia – saw some profit taking after risk on week Europe opening lower   ECB no change in monetary policy Draghi had a good showing, inflation not a worry, economy doing better (5-yr forward inflation swaps above 1.6% indicating ECB still undershooting its inflation target) Taper and rate hikes not a question of a foreseeable future

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